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GOG.com launches Winter Sale, gives away Fallout series for free

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics are all free of charge on internet retailer GOG.com right now as a part of their big Winter Sale bash. Get ’em before they’re gone.

I actually didn’t realize this, but the Fallout rights are changing hands at the end of the year as they transition from Interplay to Bethesda. What’s that you say? Bethesda already had the rights and has been making Fallout games for years now? Yes, that’s essentially correct, but the rights were in dispute for some time and Interplay just lost a court case that puts said IP directly in the hands of Bethesda. Basically, that means that GOG.com won’t be able to seek the games that they stock anymore as of the first of the year, that being January 1.

In their infinite kindness, the retailer is looking for as many of its customers as possible to download and have the game now so that they’ll own it going forward, regardless of what happens with the digital copies that GOG.com has been selling. Remember that GOG.com sells everything DRM-free, so you will always have Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics on your GOG.com digital shelves no matter what Bethesda decides to do, if you grab ’em now. And by ‘now’ I mean now as we’re a day late on reporting this news and the games are only free till the end of the day today.

Aside from Fallout though (did you go ‘buy’ them yet?!), there’s plenty of other stuff to like about the sale. More than 600 games are on sale right now on the site for up to 50% off- and in some cases more. Daily deals are continually flowing out of the site’s vaults and some games are seeing massive discounts, so you might want to start checking early and often.

There are also mystery boxes each day that’ll be available for every account-holder on the site. These boxes play out like a game show and task shoppers with choosing what’s inside of ‘box’ number one, two or three. Whatever it is is your choice for the day- and it could be something really, really good like gifts, special sales or even free games.

Tons of games, all of ’em DRM free and all of ’em on GOG.com- get over there now and hang around till the 29th, when the sale comes to a close.

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