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Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United to get a Minimate bonus

DST and Marvel will offers fans who pick up the DVD or Blu Ray of the new superhero team-up toon a free Minimate and an offer for two more.

I’m not sure why it is exactly that Iron Man and Hulk seem to get lumped together so often in crossovers and team-ups, but it usually results in something pretty entertaining when they do. Bruce Banner aside, the two heroes couldn’t be much different- one’s all about smashing everything and the other’s a techno-wizard. Pretty different, but maybe that’s why the teaming of the two works so often.

The newest pairing of brains and brawn comes in the form of the Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United animated movie. The flick is available right now on DVD and Blu Ray and pits the two Avengers up against an army of monsters in a bid to save the Earth itself. So really, just a day in the life…

This disc is packing a little extra cool though in the form of a free Minimate Iron Man (with removable helmet and extra-stylish Tony Stark hair accessory) courtesy of Diamond Select Toys. All you need to do to get yours is to redeem a special coupon code that’s packed in with either version of the movie and pay a measly $2.59 USD for the shipping and you get your armored Avenger free of any other charge.

If you want to go one step further (and you really might want to since this is pretty cool), you can upgrade your special order with that same coupon and an extra $9.99 USD to get a special two-pack of Iron Man in his ‘Hulk-buster’ armor and the jade giant himself decked out in a little Stark-tech (for extra smashiness!).

For more info on the deal, click here. You can grab a copy of Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United at most stores that sell DVDs/Blu Rays or your local comic shop.

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