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Infiltrate Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate in new trailer

Blackgate prison is home to some of Gotham City’s roughest and toughest thugs and hardened criminals. Take a look at just how you’ll be taking them down in the newest gameplay trailer for the PS Vita version of Batman Arkham Origins – Blackgate.

I had the chance to play the PS Vita version of Blackgate at the San Diego Comic Con this past July and really enjoyed my time with it. It’s definitely a different experience than the console version promises to be, but it’s definitely a fun time and true to the mythos of the Dark Knight.

My demo of the game centered on an early part of the game when Catwoman isn’t the ally that she appears to be in the trailer above. As Batman, I ran across rooftops and through a massive construction project hot on the feline fatal’s heels until I caught up with her.

As far as gameplay, Blackgate plays really well. Metroidvania-tyoe games all play pretty similarly, but Blackgate varies playtime with the sheer amount of things that you can do and background items you can interact with.

I also just loved the idea that it’s radically different and a completely separate plotline to the console version. In essence, Warner Bros is really releasing two Batman titles tomorrow, not just one. While I played the Vita version, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is available for the PlayStation handheld and the Nintendo 3DS. You can pick it up tomorrow, October 25th.

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