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Saturday Radar: GamesRadar’s best for the week of 9/30/13

The last of September and first of October saw GamesRadar weigh in on some of the best things about the Battlefield 4 Beta, 25 amazing things they did in Assassin’s Creed IV and a ranking of some of the laziest designs ever for -what else- Pokemon.

Battlefield 4 beta – 7 awesome things we’ve done so far

EA and DICE’s Battlefield 4 is looking like every bit the next-gen (or current, should you prefer) military shooter that gamers have been hoping for. In this piece by GR, the team goes all in for the demo on the PS3 and the PC.

Playing the Siege of Shanghai map (which is actually the only one in the demo), Team GamesRadar had more then their share of ‘only in Battlefield’ moments. You know, those wild things that happen once in a blue moon? The stuff that you couldn’t do again if you tried a million times? Yep, that stuff.

Stuff like: tossing a grenade by mistake and having a random dude parachute on top of it, stealth-killing a guy after jumping off of a rooftop, blasting a helicopter off a roof- from the ground and of course, taking down the final support in the building.

B4 is looking like a pretty wild time and maybe, just maybe, it’s ready to take the crown from the certain other military shooter in the next-gen. Read on for the full recap of some of the very cool stuff in Battlefield 4.


25 amazing things we did in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Okay so now I’m a little jealous. I was one of those AC fans who had grown more than a little tired of the series after the Ezio trilogy and to say that I wasn’t looking forward to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is probably an understatement. Since the announcement of the game though, Ubisoft has done nothing but highlight some of the absolutely fantastic-looking things that you can do in the massive Caribbean world that they’ve crafted. And quite frankly, I’m jealous that GR got to spend so much time with it.

And on that note, in this article two of GR’s best swashbucklers delve deep into the crystal-clear waters to battle some sharks, take on a Spanish Galleon and cause some trouble as only a salty sea dog can. They also take a look at the polished and surprising multiplayer mode, which really hasn’t been too much of the focus of Ubisoft’s promotion of the thus far.

Avast, me hearties, and read on for more…

The 20 laziest Pokemon designs ever

There’s always a Nintendo something lurking in GamesRadar’s most read articles of the week, which probably has something to do with the fact that the company and their myriad of properties have no shortage of fans and devotees. Pokemon, of course, is right up there at the top of that food chain.

This week, GR took a scathing look at the characters though, with a little piece that picks at the worst of the worst- the 20 laziest Pokemon designs ever. Most of the characters the site points out are pretty funny to read through (I imagine especially so if you’re a Poke-fan), but my favorites are definitely Stantler and Probopass. I’m not a fan of the Pokemon series and have only played Pokemon Pinball way back on the GBC, so I had no idea most of these were actually characters in the games. For the most part, I was better off not knowing.

Take a look at the worst of the worst.


Those are the best of the best from GR this past week. Give ‘em a read and then feel free to chat ‘em up in the comments section below. We’ll see you back here on Saturday Radar next weekend!

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