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Bravely Default intro

Square Enix continues to slowly drip feed new information regarding the upcoming title Bravely Default, which is scheduled to be released this year in Europe and 2014 in North America

When watching the trailer you’ll notice English voice overs have finally been added. In addition, some fresh gameplay footage is present, and story elements as well. There are CG cutscenes with voice overs included in the game as well. Also confirmed is dual audio, for those of you that prefer to use the original Japanese dub. The maps that the characters traverse look beautifully illustrated, and it shows that Square has put in appreciable effort to make the game as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The sprites in the trailer appear detailed and animated smoothly in battle, from their armor, to the very weapons they hold, to the enemies, it’s plain to see everything is a work of art in Bravely Default. Though the real hook for this game is the revival of the job system, which is displayed in the trailer, albeit sparingly. Bravely Default can only be described as a spiritual sequel to Final Fantasy 5, something that fans of the older Final Fantasy games have been pressing for. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this title, as Square seems to be preparing for its release very soon.
Soruce: IGN

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