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Sony Announce PS Vita 2000 & PS Vita TV

Sony unveil some new devices.

At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony have announced a new slimmer, lighter version of the PlayStation Vita known as the Vita 2000.  It is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the current version of the system, will have a six hour battery life and will be available in six different colours.

The system will have 1GB of memory and will be able to support 64GB memory cards that Sony are making for it.  The system will be released in Japan on October 10th, but no release date for other regions has been confirmed yet.

In addition, Sony also announced the Vita TV, a small set top box that will allow you to play Vita games on a big TV, as well as being able to stream games being played on a PS4 onto a different TV.  You will also be able to access streaming services from it.

Source: BBC

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  1. I’m not really understanding the need for a micro-console that lets me play Vita games. Can’t we already do that with the PS3/4? Actually, can’t we already do that with the Vita itself?
    I love the upped battery life though and more memory is great. Now the prices of those proprietary memory sticks have to come down. I think that’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the console.

  2. And I’ve just been informed that you can’t get TV out on a Vita. That the PSP had it and the PSV doesn’t is just a little… odd, no?

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