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New Avengers #9 (comics) Preview

New Avengers #9 sees Infinity in full swing as the Mad Titan himself sets his sights on Earth and possibly the Infinity Gems.

Thanos and his massive army are here and have launched an all-out attack against the Earth. With the Avengers off world declaring war on the ancient race known as The Builders, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and the rest of the Illuminati are left to contend with the Mad Titan! From the blockbuster creative team of writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Mike Deodato, comes an absolute can’t miss tie-in to this summer’s hottest event!

Marvel is being extremely coy about just what it is that Thanos is after in his latest assault on Earth. He’s been infatuated with the Gems before and possessed them creating the Infinity Gauntlet, one of the most classic Marvel tales out there, but is he just after the same thing once more? Probably not.

If the gems are just an afterthought for the villain though, what could he possibly be after that’d be more important? Even if they’re not his ultimate prize, the stones are definitely something that the death-obsessed character wouldn’t mind owning.

“Thanos is searching for something on Earth and is now dispatching the Black Order to locate what he’s interested in,” notes editor Tom Brevoort of the Mad Titan and his newest lieutenants in an interview with Marvel.com. “As we can see, the Illuminati were the last people to have the Infinity stones, so that is clearly of interest to Thanos, whether or not it’s what he’s ultimately after.”

With all the heroes involved in Infinity and the sheer weight that a character like Thanos brings to a book, this could easily be the biggest event to hit the Marvel Universe in a long, long time. Get a very brief glimpse of what’s to come (complete with a tease of the Sorcerer Supreme and… uh, something) below. New Avengers crosses over with Infinity as issue #9 hits stands on September 10th.

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