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Marvel preps all new Spider-Man original graphic novel

Spidey’s sister goes all out to save his life in Spider-Man: Family Business… wait, his what?

No, you’re not crazy, Peter Parker’s sister will be making a major impact in the web slingers life in Spider-Man: Family Business; set for release next year. The book comes form an all-star creative team of Mark Waid, James Robinson and Gabriele Dell’otto in an incredibly impressive looking tome that Marvel Comics is reading for release early next year.

Someone has Spider-Man in their crosshairs and there’s only one person in the Marvel Universe who can save him…Peter Parker’s secret sister! As the web-slinger faces his darkest hour, will she end up becoming his greatest ally…or the one who damns him? This all-new, fully painted, original graphic novel marks the second offering in Marvel’s all new original graphic novel line, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes brought to life by the best creators and debuts in a high-end, oversized format featuring sophisticated packaging and design.

Spider-Man’s life is full of deadly twists and turns, and when his greatest surprise is not only related to him but his sister, Spider-Man’s world is turned upside down! Who is this mysterious member of the Parker family, and can she be the ally Spider-Man desperately needs while the Kingpin is organizing the greatest global crime syndicate in the history of the Marvel Universe?! Thrust from the comforts of New York City and into the terrors of international crime, Spider-Man faces one of his greatest challenges yet.

I’m personally thrilled to see some big time support for the original graphic novel cropping up again- and especially from one of the biggest publishers in the game in the form of Marvel Comics. Marvel also says that they’ve reached a deal with Panini to ensure that the release of Spider-Man: Family Business will be a global one. You can expect to see the book appear in North America, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Finland and Turkey when it arrives on stands. It’ll also include the now standard digital copy of the book for portable wall crawling action.

One little observation here, and I don’t mean to get Spidey fans all excited for potentially nothing, but read these quotes from Waid and Robinson about the book:

“This is a blast.” said Waid. “Adding new elements to the Spider-Man mythos, redefining the Kingpin, and doing it all in partnership with one of the medium’s best and most celebrated writers. What’s not to be excited about?”

“This is a truly unique moment in the life and career of Spider-Man and I’m honored to be a part of the team that gets to tell it,” added Robinson. “It’s been a blast working and collaborating with Mark, Gabriele, and editor Stephen Wacker. There is no amount of thanks or excitement that can truly measure the scope of the opportunity!”

When you take a look at the preview pictures below or the video at the top of the page, one thing should be plainly obvious- this is Peter Parker. The ‘real’ Peter Parker- not Otto Octavius in Pete’s body. It’s most obvious since the costume he’s wearing is old school Spidey and not the Octo-Spidey suit currently seen in Superior Spider-Man.

So what does this mean? Maybe nothing. But it could mean that Ock’s days as Spider-Man are most definitely numbered. Mark Waid’s comments that Family Business ‘redefines Kingpin’ and ‘adds to the Spider-Man mythos are particularly telling in this regard as it certainly sounds like Family Business is a very much ‘in continuity’ and contemporary story; not a ‘What If’ event or a tale that takes place in the past.

Like I said, it could mean nothing, but as a fan of Peter Parker and classic Spidey, Spider-Man: Family Business (and the time frame around its release) has my spidey-sense buzzing big time. As for the book itself, look for the brand new tale of Kingpin and the emergence of Peter Parker’s sister to arrive in stores -worldwide- in April 2014.

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