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GamesRadar Weekly Roundup – 06/04/13

This past week GamesRadar took a look at the 100 best ‘Easter Eggs’ in gaming, 11 things you really should know about the reinvention of the Thief franchise and explained the topsy-turvey ending to BioShock Infinite.

Thief – 11 things you need to know

The coming of a new Thief title has many a classic gaming fan jumping for joy. The game was one of the first (maybe the first to get it right anyway) stealthy experiences in videogaming and still stands as one of the only FPS series’ to really make players use their sneaking skills instead of their swords.

This week GR detailed some of the finer points of first-person thievery and showed off some of the cooler stuff you’ll be doing in the new game. If you’ve forgotten who Garret is, or what a claw does (which may not even be in the new game!), then you’ll want to check this one out.



The 100 best Easter eggs of all time

Now this is fun – I don’t know a single gamer out there who doesn’t like finding hidden secrets in their favorite games and this is a fantastic list of the best of the best- and the most secret of the secret.

Ever been to the beating heart of Liberty City in GTA4? Ever played the entire original Maniac Mansion game in Day of the Tentacle? How about finding the invoice from Falcone to Scarecrow in Batman: Arkham City? Take a flip through this guide to see all of the above and tons more. GamesRadar even tips you as to how to get to and see each secret. It’s really cool stuff that’s pretty timely too, considering Easter just passed and all.


Bioshock Infinite’s ending explained

WARNING: Do not, I repeat – DO NOT – click through to this link unless you’ve beaten BioShock Infinite or really don’t care to. That said, this is an excellent look at some basic… theories about… stuff (I can’t go any deeper than that or I’ll end up spoiling Infinite for you myself) behind the ending and much of the campaign of BioShock Infinite.

If you haven’t played Infinite, it’s one of the clear cut game of the year contenders and you should- now. Then come back and read this handy little guide on some of the game’s bigger and more complex concepts.


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