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Preview: Harbinger #11

Hop in the way-back machine and take a (not so) groovy trip back to the year 1969, where Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation is about to engage Rising Spirit Securities in the first engagement of what 30 years later has become a full on Harbinger War.

Now that the Harbinger Wars have kicked off with a multi-megaton bang, go back to 1969 to witness the first clash of Toyo Harada and Rising Spirit Securities and the origin of their ever-escalating game of corporate warfare and superhuman subterfuge. And now, decades later, how are Peter Stanchek and his band of Renegades feeling the fallout of this 40-year-old cold war? And what secret could possibly be calling them out of the Nevada desert and directly into the sights of the Harbinger hunter called Bloodshot?

Harbinger #11 is a can’t miss issue if you’re a fan of Harbinger, Bloodshot, or looking to get into Harbinger Wars since it sets the stage with a look back at where the ‘cold war’ between the two sets of characters began.

The book drops on April 10th, then continues into Harbinger #12 on May 8th and Bloodshot #10 on May 15th. It’s not hype, Valiant really is producing some of the best stuff in the superhero genre right  now. Do yourself a favor and pick up the opening shots of Harbinger Wars- I doubt you’l be sorry you did.

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