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Marvel Select’s Nightcrawler ‘bamfing’ into stores soon

The classic X-Man Nightcrawler teleports into stores this April as a part of the Marvel Select line from Diamond. Packaged pics after you teleport your way through the page break.

A real classic character from Marvel Comics’ stable of mutants in just about every way, Kurt Wagner was a part of maybe the most beloved X-roster to date. Since his appearance in Giant Size X-Men #1, Nightcrawler has been through a bunch of pretty radical changes- including being replaced in the Marvel U by his alternate dimensional self.

This is the classic elf though, right down to the puff of smoke (or ‘Bamf’ if you know your comic book sound effects), that serves as his base.

The offspring of a mutant and a demon, blue-furred acrobat Kurt Wagner has shown the signs of his mixed heritage since he was born, and sculptor Jean St. Jean has brought out the scarier aspects of the X-Men’s resident teleporter in this new figure. Nightcrawler stands approximately 7 inches tall with 16 points of articulation, and he comes with a “bamf” cloud base, representing the purple cloud he leaves behind when he teleports.

Nightcrawler is available now for preorder from your local comic shop and online retailers, look for him to ship next month.

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