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It’s a Guardians of the Galaxy launch party at you local comic shop

Marvel Comics is prepping a major push for their new Guardians of the Galaxy book (complete with trading cards) as the super-team gets ready not only for reentry into the Marvel U, but also for their feature film debut as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Head on down to your local comic shop when Guardians of the Galaxy #1 hits stands and you’ll find some special edition trading cards there right along with the new book.

The ’90s staples will feature artwork showcasing all the members of the new team including Rocket Raccoon and Iron Man… wait, Iron Man is in GoG?

This March, Guardians of the Galaxy #1 launches in style with special limited edition trading cards, ONLY available at select retail shops hosting a launch party! That’s right, one of the biggest launches of the year just got bigger with one of a kind collector’s items! Courtesy of blockbuster creators Brian Michael Bendis (All New X-Men, Age Of Ultron) and Steve McNiven (Civil War, Old Man Logan), fans are in for the ride of their life as the Guardians of the Galaxy put their lives on the line for the sake of the Marvel Universe. There’s a new rule in the galaxy, and it’s put Earth off limits to any outsiders. But why has Earth become so important? That’s what Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot AND Iron Man are about to discover.

Now that’s interesting…

In any event, the cards and the comic will be out on March 27th. You can preorder now at comic shops everywhere, but only specific stores will be participating in the launch event- so you might want to ask now and prepare accordingly.

Oh and those cards? One of them is going to be super-limited in availability. Which one, Marvel ain’t telling.

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