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The Walking Dead Recap 702 “The Well”

In the second of the new season of The Walking Dead, we get a welcome slowdown and a look into what some other characters who were not on the road with Rick and crew have been up to. The last we saw of Carol (Melissa McBride), she was trying to …

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The Walking Dead Recap 614 “Twice as Far”

Monday morning means that another episode of The Walking Dead ran our feelings through a wood chipper last night. Last night’s episode was pretty intense, so lets cut to it. The episode begins with some candid shots of different Alexandrians performing normal activities throughout their day. Taking up guard posts, …

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The Walking Dead Recap 613 “The Same Boat”

Another Sunday night in Spring means that, along with an unwelcome clock jump, viewers got to go back into the world of The Walking Dead for another brutal entrance in the roller coaster sixth season. The episode begins with the viewers experiencing a reverse view of the final scene of …

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The Walking Dead Recap 612 “Not Tomorrow Yet”

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead brings us down a rabbit hole that, as viewers, we have barely scratched the surface of up until now apparently. The episode opens with a surprisingly light scene involving Carol (Melissa McBride), interacting with residents of Alexandria in broad daylight. Later in the …

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