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911 Responder (PC) Review

Shows multiple screens and a 911 operator sitting in front of them.

911 Operator (PC) Review What started as a small Kickstarter campaign with a goal of nine thousand Canadian Dollars ended with nearly two thousand backers pledging nearly four times as much. What does such a successful Kickstarter give you? You play the role of an emergency dispatcher, making sure that …

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Battleborn Turns Noir in Recent DLC

There’s no denying that Battleborn is heavily declining in player numbers but 2K have not given up on the title yet. The newest slice of DLC has been released titled ‘Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion’. This new piece of content is an operation which recounts Attikus’ previous actions before joining …

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New Battleborn Pendles Impressions

Pendles is the newest member to join the Battleborn roster. Being a part of the rogue team, Pendles sets out to be a covert assassin whom excels and stealth. As a stealth assassin, Pendles does well getting in and out of fights, picking of the weaker characters. His skills ensure that …

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Juri Kicks Into Street Fighter V This July

The next character to be added to the Street Fighter V roster is Juri. Wearing her skin tight motorbike leathers, Juri looks to use her leg based moves to beat her competitors. Time to kick it up a notch: Juri looks like a rather combo heavy character with some interesting …

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The Future Plans Of Battleborn

For the past several weeks, Battleborn have been rolling updates in the form of Battlplans. Usually discussing upcoming content or balancing issues, June’s Battleplan sets the future of the game. In an extensive list, 2K has provided information on a vast amount of content ranging from free DLC content, premium …

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