Dragon Quest IV: Finally

Die hard Dragon Quest fans have been unable to complete their collections, due to the fact that Dragon Quest IV: Realms of Revelation (1995) was *only* released in Japan. That left collectors with a gaping hole where “IV” should have been–until now. U.S. gamers will finally be able to add…
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Score Rush (Xbox 360) Review

At first I thought I was just going to sit back, relax, and play a little Xbox. I was sorely mistaken.
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Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack coming February 1st 2010

Five maps for 1,200 Microsoft points? Consider me sold.
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Greed Corp (PC) Review

The world’s precious resources have been ravaged and destroyed, causing much of the Earth to fall way. Four corporations fight for control of the few remaining pieces of land–the FreeMen, Pirates, Cartel, and Empire. The battle is fierce-and expensive. You must strategically mine the very land you are fighting for…
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The Brutalgamer awards 2010: Best Multi-player and best DLC

Controversial choices in the multiplayer department from the BG staff with some high profile online titles not quite making it. The ‘Best DLC’ winner was the most clear cut and decisive of all this years awards.
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The Brutalgamer 2010 awards: Best Story and Best Game Design

Plots are difficult subjects in the videogames world. Whilst most fall short and end up raising issues whether the medium can produce thoughtful narrative, this year there were some excellent examples of games maturing to unseen levels.
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Gears 3 Beta With Bulletstorm Epic Edition

If you want to play, you gotta pay.
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Xbox Live Arcade holiday bargains revealed

Need something to keep you warm this holiday season?  Xbox Live has you covered with this early showing of deals. Here is a preview of the 10 deals and their discounted price that will be available December 21 – December 31 . Super Meat Boy Discounted Price: 800 Savings: 33%…
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Blimp: The Flying Adventures (PSP) Review

Picture this, if you will. You are Zed Pelin, blimp pilot extraordinaire. (Yep. I said blimp. Just roll with it). You have recently moved yourself to a fine new planet in search of a more peaceful life; but that is not to be. An evil empire has attacked your new…
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Kung-Fu Live (PS3) Review

Prologue: I promised myself, for the last time, that I was through. I made a promise to them, for the last time, that I was through. The power contained within my body — my soul — was utterly amazing.  It was a gift from the gods.  A gift handcrafted and…
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The Brutalgamer Awards 2010: Best Publisher and Best Developer

A well deserved win for our best developer, who managed to knock out two excellent titles. One took its genre to utter perfection, the other proved to be a relentless joy-blitz of western grit. Who said the Japanese can’t make shooters?
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution delayed

Square Enix have sent out an official statement regarding the state of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  The game was set for release at the end of March 2011.  This now looks to be pushing back to at least May thanks to some feedback Square have had on recent releases.  Basically…
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Sly Collection (PS3) Review

A Brutal Gamer review. If you want to take umbrage with anyone for starting this fade of repackaging last generation games then I think Sony is a good place to start.  With the HD remastering of God of War they managed to give the people exactly what they wanted whilst…
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Invaders World Tour (iPhone) Review

The original Space Invaders came out in 1978, and over 30 years later its influence is still showing strong today.  The popular trend with remaking retro games, like Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and Space Invaders Extreme,  is to give them that familiar look and feel but introduce a new element…
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Go! Go! Island Rescue! (Nintendo DS) Review

A Brutal Gamer review.
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SSX Deadly Descents teaser trailer hits

Hot on the heels of the news that SSX is finally seeing a sequel is this teaser trailer from EA Sports.  The game is due out next year on PS3 and Xbox 360 and marks the long awaited return of the series.
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