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Episode 2: The Pantsless Platforming Wonder

The show is a little late this week due to unforseeable problems with Brutal Gamer. We are all set now, though! The usual troublemakers are here to go over the week’s news. Sub-Zero in Injustice, Seth Rollins on WWE, and the pantsless wonder, Bubsy the Bobcat! Jason also has a …

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Bankshot #1 (comic) Review

Bankshot #1

Frank Gault arrives at the J Edgar Hoover building for a meeting, to find out that his associates have been treated rather roughly. Who could have caused this? Pick up Bankshot #1 to learn more.

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Nintendo Announces the Super NES Classic Edition

It looks like we are in for it again: This morning, Nintendo announced the next mini console it will produce: the Super Nintendo Classic edition. The all-in-one box is a familiar concept if you’re aware of what Nintendo and other old school publishers have been up to in recent years. …

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Rapture #2 (comic) Review

Rapture #2

Ninjak, Tama, Shadowman and Punk Mambo have come face to face with Babel amidst an endless battle. What will it take for these heroes to save the world? Check out Rapture #2.

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Playing Catchup: Night in the Woods

With the number of great games released in the past few months, it’s been impossible to play them all. From triple-A titles to Indie projects, every month has been full to bursting with titles from every genre and little enough time to play one of them. Smaller, newer titles have …

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer showcases in-engine demo

A new extended look at “Beyond Good and Evil 2” gave a glimpse of the game’s scope, from planet traversal to space craft exploration. The Facts In a new video released June 22, The game’s Creative Director Michel Ansel played through an in-engine demo of Ubisoft Montpelier’s upcoming sequel. The …

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E3 2017: Erich’s Top 10 Games of Show

The show has been over for a week and the dust has begun to settle with the top games standing out. In the end, there were a lot of cool games shown for the first time. There were also updates and release dates given to games we have known about …

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.hack//G.U. Last Recode comes to the west in 2017

Bandai Namco has revealed a full remaster of the “.hack//GU” series is set to release in the west, just in time for the franchise’s 15th anniversary. The Facts Bandai Namco Entertainment started streaming a reveal trailer for the collection June 20. The trailer teases cutscenes with updated visuals along with …

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