Beyond Good & Evil HD Hits PSN In May

That’s about as precise as it’s getting right now.
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KneeBouncers (2)

KneeBouncers Review- PC Gaming, Baby Style

You heard that right-gaming, on your computer, for your baby.
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wii cod black ops box

Treyarch Still Unsure About Black Ops DLC On The Wii

Before anyone jumps up to state the obvious I’ll just go ahead and point it out. Yes it is a slow news day and that is why I have posted a news story that actually doesn’t contain any news and even if it did most people wouldn’t care about it.
Posted 17 Mar 2011 | News, Nintendo Wii | 3 Comments

Nintendo 3DS Is The Most Pre-Ordered Console Of All Time On Amazon UK

Apparently you guys have been busy over there on Amazon.
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Round-up: GAME British Academy Video Games Awards

The ‘BAVGAs’ have come around again, and gone again. Which developers won & lost out? Which game won three awards? Find out by reading BrutalGamer’s roundup of the night’s action.
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Blimp: The Flying Adventures Price Drop – We Haz Codez

Blimp: The Flying Adventures is a fun little Playstation Minis title from Grip Games where you pilot a blimp to save your planet. Intrigued? Well, there’s no need to debate over buying this one now that Grip Games has announced that it is dropping the price on Blimp: The Flying…
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dead island screens

New Dead Island Screens Have Me Worried

I’ll admit that when the awesome Dead Island teaser trailer (and then the first details) hit the internet I got more than a little excited. The thought of having a serious zombie apocalypse game (well, as serious as the thought of fighting the walking dead could possible be) was very appealing…
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Dragon Age 2 (Xbox 360) Review

Anyone who plays games on a regular basis generally saves the planet/galaxy/the universe six, maybe seven times a year. It can get a little frustrating, inhabiting worlds where no one but the player character seems at all competent at anything at all beyond asking for help. It’s somewhat refreshing then,…
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Guerrilla Bob (Mac) Review

Meet Guerrilla Bob. He’s carrying a gun, he’s carrying a cigar, and most importantly: he’s carrying a grudge.
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Art of Fighting (PS3) Review

If I had to describe Art of Fighting in two words, the words “stupidly hard” would immediately come to mind.
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battlefield 3 trailer sniper

New Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer Continues To Impress

EA has released the second episode in the Battlefield 3 Faultline trailer series today. In it the squad has moved to a rooftop to try and take out a distant sniper.
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Square Enix Announce new Rocket Slime Title

Slithers onto 3DS…
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THQ Claiming “Robust” First Day Sales For Homefront

THQ has just announced that launch day sales for Homefront in North America have totaled approximately 350,000 units and the company is already working to fulfill re-orders from “multiple retailers”, which presumably doesn’t include Amazon or Walmart.
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Judge Refuses To Throw Out $400m Activision Lawsuit Against EA Over CoD Devs

A California Superior Court Judge has given Activision the high sign today to continue with their $400 million lawsuit against Electronic Arts by refusing to dismiss all but one of Activision’s claims over EA’s alleged involvement with the firing of the two former Call of Duty developers Jason West and…
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Homefront Gets Second Day Price Drop

THQ’s new release Homefront was unleashed to the public yesterday for $59.99, what has become a pretty standard pricepoint for big budget titles.
Posted 16 Mar 2011 | News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | 4 Comments
Batman Arkham City

Riddler Images Revealed For Arkham City

This time, you’ll see him rather than just hearing him.
Posted 16 Mar 2011 | News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments
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