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Doctor Who The American Adventures (Book) Review

Doctor Who

Once again Doctor Who brings his quirky style of problem solving to the American shores, in Doctor Who The American Adventures. The Twelfth Doctor It’s nothing new for the Doctor to appear in all manner of places and situations. This time, the 12th Doctor is applying his unique brand of …

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Monster Hunter Direct Announced for October 27

October 27 will see a new Nintendo Monster Hunter Direct for Japan, focused on the future of Monster Hunter. But not too far into the future: nothing related to smart phones or the new Nintendo Switch will announced (which lines up with what Nintendo said earlier this month about no games …

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Hyrule Warriors DLC Continues with A Link Between Worlds

Two new characters (Yuga and Ravio) join the extensive Hyrule Warriors DLC line-up, while new adventures, new costumes, and more round out the package. October 31st will see the launch of the latest Hyrule Warriors DLC in Japan, and hopefully the rest of the world.  The latest pack features content …

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Halloween-themed event earns twice the Candies in Pokemon Go


It’s trick-or-treat time with the new Halloween-themed Pokemon Go event. Starting Wednesday, October 26, players will start seeing spooky creatures throughout their Pokemon journeys. Trainers will experience a higher encounter rate with the following creepy creatures: Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, Zubat and more. The Niantic is also providing …

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Slain: Back From Hell Released on Xbox One


Slain: Back From Hell comes to Xbox this Halloween Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone has their own traditions for this special time of year. Be it trick or treating, partying, or enjoying Halloween themed media. Slain: Back From Hell falls very much into the third category. A …

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New JRPG The Alliance Alive Announced


A new JRPG is being made overseas Cattle Call is a developer that has flown under the radar for the most part. Even though it has been making games for nearly two decades. Its latest game, The Legend of Legacy, received mixed to positive reviews on Metacritic. Cattle Call has …

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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 2: Mamma Mia – Of Reunions and Pie


With the airing of episode 2 of Supernatural’s 12th season, came scenes that incited both giggles and heart-wrenching sobs. Last night we were presented with yet another emotionally loaded episode equally countered with an interesting plot progression.  This is my review series on Supernatural’s 12th season. Beware of spoilers ahead. …

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