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Prison Architect Updated for the Final Time


The gates are slamming shut on Prion Architect, in a good way. Initially one of the very first Early Access games on Steam, Prison Architect recently received its final update. This closes the book on six years of development for Prison Architect.  Six years that continued even after Early Access. …

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Abatron (PC) Preview


A combination of two very different genres. It’s always fascinating to watch a developer explore uncharted territory. To see brand new ideas be put into action, games spring up around them, and the landscape of the medium grow. Abatron is one of these games. It is currently in a stage …

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Overwatch Getting Some Changes to Season 2


Overwatch’s competitive mode has enabled players to take the hero shooter that little bit more seriously. Season 1 has been underway with many jumping on to get a good skill rating and shoot up those leader boards. However, there are some aspects to the competitive mode that players have not …

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