Sega’s Dreamcast just turned 15; here are some can’t miss titles for retro gamers

Last week, Sega’s Dreamcast console turned a stunning 15 years old so in honor of the big birthday year, I thought I’d put together some of my personal picks for the can’t miss games of the line.
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Feature Friday: Unethical activity in video game journalism

Recent events such as the Zoe Quinn controversy have brought to light a major problem with video game journalism.
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Feature Friday: On the eve of Destiny, a look back at some landmark FPS’

With Bungie’s next big first-person shooter on the way on September 9th, it’s the perfect time for first-person shooter fans to reflect on the genre’s history.
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GTA online DLC image

Feature Friday: Is timed-DLC an idea who’s time has come?

Timed DLC, a relatively new idea for some gamers, poses some interesting questions. 
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the last of us

Is The Last of Us Really That Good?

Welcome to a new segment I’m doing called Is >insert game< Really That Good/Bad? (Lots of variables…) Where I will be looking at games that have already been reviewed by dozens (if not hundreds) of people, and widely accepted as good or bad. The first game to be a part…
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Feature Friday: The best games of last-gen

The Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii pushed a heck of a lot of great games out the door and into gamers eager mitts in the last round of consoles.

Fresh Controversy for the GTA Series

Some people are outraged that fans of the smash hit GTA V are modifying the game to allow players to blow up, control and even ‘sexually assault’ other users. The mod in question is the aptly named ‘Naughty Stuff’ and “very naughty stuff’ mod and reactions have been varied, with…
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In app Purchases- who’s to blame?

Almost every week, whilst reading the newspapers, you are greeted with a familiar story “My son has racked up £1,000 pound Debt after playing a free game” and with glum faces and puppy dog eyes, they look really sympathetic to themselves. This is usually followed with “how can games companies…
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The Traveller has come

Feature Friday: Next-Gen/Last-Gen Destiny beta impressions

Ted and Rick B go head-to-head on the recently closed Destiny Beta, as Ted plays through the last-gen version on the PS3 and Rick B jams on the Xbox One edition. Their impressions proved to not be all that different though, and they might surprise you…
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Playstation Now Pricing Structure is Bad

For all you lucky folks in the US or Canada you can take part in the PlayStation now beta.
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Feature Friday: Nintendo and its relationship with third parties

Nintendo doesn’t need to compromise any more than they already have for third parties. They should continue to do what is best for themselves, while still working with them.
Posted 25 Jul 2014 | Editorials, Featured Articles, industry, News, Nintendo, past, Wii U | 2 Comments

Feature Friday: When video game heroes are zeros

We all have our favorite heroes and protagonists in the games we play, but sometimes those well thought-out and ‘perfectly’ crafted leading men and women are just, well, aggravating.
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Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 7/7/14

It might be a dead season for game releases (hi Summer!), but there was still plenty to talk about this past week including plenty of SDCC chatter, our preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a special feature where our own Troy took a look at EA and the mobile gaming…

Feature Friday: In Defense of EA (and Dungeon Keeper)

There seems to be this belief that when companies become so large and powerful, they forget the little people. To the customer — especially the one with a bad experience — it’s very easy for them to become faceless evil empires that care nothing about you as the consumer or…
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X-Men Legends, one of the best X-Men games of all time

Feature Friday: Five horrible X-Men games, and a plea for one that delivers

This past week we’ve been posting a bunch of X-Men related stuff, most of it having to do with the Death of Wolverine storyline in the comics. It got us to thinking though; where are all the good X-Men games?
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Tex Murphy

Feature Friday: Summer Games; what’s keeping you cooped up indoors this Summer?

Summer is traditionally a slower time for new game releases, but there are plenty of titles out there (both new and old) that are keeping the BG staff locked away in their air-conditioned lairs during the hottest months of the year.
Posted 20 Jun 2014 | Editorials, Featured Articles, News, PC, PS3, PS4, Retro Gaming, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 9 Comments
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