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All Aboard: The Honkai Star Rail Hype Train Is Coming Soon

“May this journey lead us starward” – or so Hoyoverse says as they announced the official release date for Honkai Star Rail.

The official release date for HoYoverse’s wildly anticipated turn-based online game is on April 26 and players should expect to be able to start pre-installation by April 23.

One thing that excites me the most about this game is its turn-based combat. I love turn-based games with a passion and I’ve always enjoyed the characters and story of Genshin Impact. Whatever Hoyoverse is doing works because their world-building is in a class of its own.

I can’t wait to explore the beautifully designed world of Honkai Star Rail and to be able to do so with the likes of Kafka and Himeko (my Honkai waifus, for all intents and purposes) is nothing short of bliss.

I’m not really sure if they’re planning on implementing a guild or community system but I hope that they do because I want to be able to befriend other explorers like in Genshin Impact (although it doesn’t really have a guild system).

With that said, I can’t wait for Honkai Star Rail to come out. Luckily, it’s only a month away as of writing.

All aboard the Astral Express and may this journey lead us ever onward.

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