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April’s Xbox Games with Gold delivers vikings, trucks, bullets, and jetpacks

Games with Gold rolls on for Xbox gamers in April 2021, with an intersecting selection of games with Dark Void and Vikings among them.


So this month might not be bringing the biggest of names to the Games with Gold catalog. That though, does not mean that there aren’t some solid titles to grab. And they’re all free (if you’re a member) after all, so why not take a chance, right?

For starters, there’s Xbox One game Vikings: Wolves of Midgard. A little known aRPG-ish affair that I’m sure a lot of people missed, Vikings melds norse mythology with fantasy elements. Armed with an assortment of heavy metal weaponry, the game sends players up against “fearsome Jotan and the beasts of Ragnarok”. Is it any good? I have no idea, but it looks decent enough.

Then there’s Truck Racing Championship. This title will have gamers racing each other in some souped-up semi-trucks. Those exist? Yes, apparently they do, and TRC will have you racing in 45 different ones, through the European Truck Racing Championship.

Speaking of games that a lot of people might have missed out on, check out the Xbox 360’s Dark Void. to me anyway, this is the pick of the month, and a sleeper that I wish would have gotten more attention at launch. The game involves alternate dimensions, vanished people from across time, hostile aliens, and jetpacks. It’s one that I think a lot of Xbox gamers might find something to like about.

And lastly, there’s Hard Corps: Uprising. Yes, this is called “Hard Corps”, but it has nothing to do with the Genesis’ 16bit Contra entry. It’s an… original standalone adventure. Even though the looks and gameplay resemble Konami’s tried and true series, this ain’t it.

See anything that strikes a chord? If so make sure you check your dates of availability, and grab ’em while they’re free. Scroll down for the pertinent info on all of that.

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