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Dan Adelman no longer working for Nintendo

Discussion erupts all over the internet as Dan Adelman takes his leave from Nintendo of America, but is this situation really as bad as the media is making it out to be?

Dan Adelman, a former indie liaison has left Nintendo allegedly due to restrictions on his freedom of speech via Twitter. Specifically, for voicing his opinion on Nintendo’s region locking policies. They can be a bit strict sometimes, they’re a very traditional business that still applies many old video game industry practices. For years they’ve kept restrictions like requiring developers to have an office and region locking platforms. So it is somewhat natural for everyone to immediately jump to the conclusion that they’re just being sticklers here and Adelman is freeing himself from a draconian environment.

However, we should practice a bit of hesitance, and give them a benefit of a doubt in this case. We haven’t heard their side of the story yet. Even Adelman himself said that they were quite supportive of his decision to leave the company in order to pursue his own dreams. He also plans to continually support them as well as other platforms. So were tensions really as heated as they appear to be, or is this just being blown out of proportion here? We don’t know for sure, it’s best to wait and see how all of this unfolds.

Source: Dan_Adelman

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  1. Why he left aside, I can’t think this is going to have a great effect on Nintendo’s indie policies. We’ll see I guess.

  2. Christopher Deleanides

    According to Adelman, they’ve already got some good replacements for him at Nintendo. Personally, I think it’s the PR quagmire that Nintendo will have the hardest time navigating around. The buzz surrounding this is pretty huge at the moment.

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