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Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut Wii U gameplay

Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut is just a few short days away from being released, and what better way to send it off than an hour of footage?

Here you can see the Wii U version of the game and what features it has to offer. The first thing you’ll notice is a Wii U gamepad icon on the bottom left of the video, which has a map displayed on it. The game seems to make some practical use of the gamepad as well as a few innovative ones too; such as the voice recording feature for example. You can talk into the gamepad’s mic, and send a message that can be accessed on miiverse by friends. It’s a pretty neat mechanic, as it can help people out of certain tight spots in the game; you can place the message in an area of the game your friends will inevitably come across. Once they touch the icon, the recording starts and you’ll get a hint on what to do.

Another cool use for the gamepad is being able to alter maps with the stylus. When you write something up or draw it on the screen, it will stay there. This can be real helpful if you wish to make notes for yourself, reminding you to check out certain areas, or telling you where you’ve already been. You can even use the gamepad for hacking, with the mini game appearing on screen. Standard inventory use is present as well, which is to be expected on pretty much any Wii U game where items are involved. Alongside all of the touch controllers, map mechanics, and other bells and whistles is the ability to examine NPCs in the game. You can see what they’re carrying and the class of their armor, which will prove to be quite an asset to players. Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut hits shelves October 25th.
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  1. I might finally pick this up now! The GamePad functions sound like they’re pretty well implemented- especially the audio recordings. That’s a great idea.

  2. Christopher Deleanides

    So far I like what I see. I’m glad Eidos took the time to make the gamepad features fun and interesting. I’ve been waiting for more devs to really take advantage of the controller, and do some cool stuff with it. Good to see it being put to use.

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