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Focus and Saber Interactive fully reveal Space Marine II’s gameplay

A deeper look at Space Marine II’s action was showcased today, and if you’re amped for it now, this trailer is going to only add to it.

Your craft… is death!

The swarm has arrived in the 41st millennium. The Tyranid threat lays siege to multiple worlds of the Imperium, and there’s only one solution. If you guessed that that’s the Ultramarine called Titus, now busted down to Lieutenant, you’d be right. Well, it’s up to him and his battle-brothers Chairon and Gadriel anyway.

We got a much better look at Space Marine II in action today, thanks to a new “gameplay overview trailer” released by publisher Focus Entertainment. This is the big one, the trailer that most fans of the original game (and Warhammer 40K in general) have likely been waiting for.

A third-person action title from developer Saber Interactive, the Overview trailer gives a great look at Space Marine II’s drop-in, drop-out campaign for 1-3 players, plus the cool-sounding endgame mode dubbed Operations, and its full multiplayer mode, Eternal War.

Three times the purging

As you can see there, the campaign is impressive. Picking up a hundred years after Space Marine, SM2‘s campaign will throw hundreds of enemies at players at once. It looks so intense that the smaller Tyranid seem to act as a kind of tidal wave of foes. And of course, that wave is supplemented by the larger units, which should present a solid challenge, even for three super-powered Space Marines. As mentioned though, Space Marine II goes beyond that, with both Operations and Eternal War.

Operations is Player vs Enemy play, effectively extending the main game indefinitely. Fans can pick from six classes, with Tactical, Assault, Vanguard, Bulwark, Sniper, and Heavy all being options. Past that, players can also upgrade their Marine with 25 possible perks, and gain “powerful variants and unique cosmetics” when it comes to armor and weapons.

Those cosmetics can also carry over to Eternal War, the game’s competitive multiplayer mode. In Eternal War, players choose between the Space Marine and Chaos Marine forces, for what looks to be more or less traditional ‘versus’ action.

Space Marine II lands on consoles and the PC this September the 9th, but the action won’t stop with the launch. Focus Entertainment promises that “new “Operations” missions, PvP maps, enemies and weapons” will all be incoming as subsequent free updates.

That free selection will be on top of a paid collection of DLC as well, which will be included in the Season Pass. Expect more cosmetics and “Chapter heraldry” to be a part of that. Oh, one more thing too, as Focus says that you can expect zero micro-transactions and there will be no in-game “cash shop”.

September can’t come fast enough.

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