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MicroProse picks up publishing rights for Combat Air Patrol 2

A promising looking Early Access title, Combat Air Patrol 2 has a publisher with MicroProse, and an update roadmap.

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For those who like military simulations, Combat Air Patrol 2 looks like it might be a sleeper hit in the making. For the PC and from Sim 155 Software Studio, the game touts a selection of realistic (and realistically-handling) military aircraft and ground vehicles, though focuses on the AV8B Harrier II. Players can hop into said vehicles to engage enemies in either air-to-air or air-to-ground combat.

A sequel to the original CAP and a full sim normally, Combat Air Patrol 2 also offers up a more approachable ‘mid-core’ sim level, for those who might be put off by the genre. That’s plus a “complete AV8B Harrier II Virtual cockpit” where every button works as it’s supposed to, brand new VR support for a more immersive experience, and incoming multiplayer.

While CAP2 is looking spectacular, it’s still in Early Access and has a ways to go. And joining in on that journey will be the just-landed publisher, the iconic MicroProse. To celebrate the new addition, CAP2 has a sizable new patch, and a full “updates” roadmap for players to check out.

What’s just been released is pretty chunky too, offering some big changes like visible pilots (and hands), a new UI, and the aforementioned VR mode.

As for the roadmap we mentioned above, it’s just as beefed-up as what’s just landed. MIcroProse reveals that the game has three levels of updates en route, with “upcoming” (presumably short-term additions), Mid-Term, and Long-Term all in the works.

Scroll down to see what those are going to look like.

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