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Sumerian Six combines strategy, super-heroics, and WWII

From Devolver Digital and Artificer, Sumerian Six is planning out a very different take on WWII strategy, and that includes a werebear.

Sumerian-merian-SIX, whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-o-ho

When you think of strategy games set in the days of World War II, you probably think of historically influenced stuff. There’s no real shortage of that in either the real-time or turn-based arenas after all, and that’s especially true these days. But what if a game took the usual format and knocked it on its posterior, with some supernatural action and good old fashioned superheroing? Turns out, you’d have something like Sumerian Six.

In this newly revealed (and demo’d!) PC game from Devolver Digital and developer Artificer, players will find themselves in the days of the second Great War. It’s there that a German by the name of Hans Kammler has come into possession of some “occult-scientific weapons and ancient Sumerian artifacts” that he’s looking to put to bad use, on behalf of the nazi war machine.

Naturally, somebody’s gotta stop him, and that’s where Enigma Squad comes in. A special team of operatives that are more “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” than grunts, Enigma Squad is made up of some of the world’s greatest scientists. But these guys and gal aren’t wearing lab coats, as they’re all combat ready, and set to deliver a knockout punch to Kammler’s men… if you could call them that.

Embark on a thrilling journey across multiple continents alongside allies such as the exiled chemist Rosa Reznick, Wojtek the Werebear and the esoteric psychoanalyst Siegfried von Adelsberg. Dispose of your enemies by using each team member’s unique set of abilities inspired by their fields of expertise. Then, learn to master the art of chaining them together for devastating effects to take it to the next level.

As you delve deeper into the Nazi plot, you’ll encounter occult-scientific weapons and ancient Sumerian artifacts linked to Hans Kammler’s machinations – a former member of the team. A grim future awaits you should the Nazis be victorious, so do your best to prevent that dark timeline from coming true in this real-time tactical stealth adventure.

Devolver Digital press release

Delivering sneaky and strategic action behind enemy lines, Demon Nazis to dispatch, and a team of super-powered and super-smart heroes, Sumerian Six looks like it might have the makings of a gem. And while there’s no launch date just yet for the game, there is a demo, and it’s up right now.

It’s all thanks to Steam’s latest Next Fest happening, where publishers unleash early looks at their finest titles, by way of downloadable demos. So if you’re keen, head on over to Valve’s online shop and grab playable slice of Sumerian Six. Just hustle if you want in, as Next Fest is only running until June 17th.

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