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Wolverine slices into some vampires in artist Kevin Eastman’s Blood Hunt variant

The old Canucklehead will indeed be carving up some vamps, as a part of Blood Hunt. Check out Kevin Eastman’s variant cover.

The best there is

A vampire-centric crossover event seems like just the ticket for a little Wolverine-branded mayhem, and you better believe that the X-Man will be getting in on the action. Logan will have his own four issue tie-in, which will kick off this June, just in time for the Eternal Night. It’s a mini-series that will be notable for more than just the on-page action, as it sees TMNT (for publisher IDW) mainstay Tom Waltz make his Marvel debut.

Waltz was a part of bringing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin to fans most recently, and will take up the writing chores for Wolverine: Blood Hunt. He’s not alone either, as you can see above, as his Last Ronin chum (and TMNT co-creator) Kevin Eastman will be joining him. While Eastman won’t be actually penciling this new mini, he will be providing one killer of a cover illustration.

Cover art from Kevin Eastman

“I’ve spent much of my career writing about iconic mutants, so having my Marvel debut be a chance to put ‘the best there is’ through a vampiric bloodstorm in WOLVERINE: BLOOD HUNT is an absolute thrill of a lifetime,” Waltz shared. “It’s made even better by getting to do it alongside the amazingly talented Juan José Ryp, top-notch colorist GURU-eFX, and stellar editors Mark Basso and Drew Baumgartner! Blood, bullets, claws, and fangs—nothing gets held back in our four-issue gauntlet of gore!”

“I couldn’t be more proud and thrilled to join my ‘Last Ronin Bro’ Tom Waltz on his first Wolverine story!” Eastman shared. “I was lucky enough to be invited to add a cover to the issue, and do my small part for the incredible team that brought this issue to life. The story rocks, the art rocks – can’t wait for you all to sink your teeth into this one!”

Marvel Comics press release

On top of some hot and heavy slicing and dicing, the cover ill also showcases a brand new character for Marvel. Louise of the Nightguard makes her debut here, with the vampire-slaying hero joining Wolverine on his blood-soaked mission to take out as many undead as possible. Not that that’ll be the only plotline weaving its way across this title, as Marvel also says that there’ll be a “hidden plot” that’ll put “Logan directly in their (the vampires? -ed) crosshairs”.

Stay tuned true believers, this might be a mini to keep up with. From Waltz, artist Juan José Ryp, and with a standard cover from Ben Harvey, Wolverine: Blood Hunt #1 (of 4) hits the racks on June 5th, 2024.

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