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Just like that, Alpha Protocol returns to PC thanks to GOG

Formerly long gone from online shops, developer Obsidian’s spy-themed RPG Alpha Protocol is back on the PC.

Alpha Alpha

Do you remember the 2010 release that was Alpha Protocol? Published originally by Sega and from Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian, Alpha Protocol was groundbreaking in a few ways. It was a game that loaded up on action, but went deeper than just serving blazing shootouts.

Players could lead main character Michael Thorton through multiple mission outcomes and endings, plus utilize a wide-open selection of tactics to get the job done. On top of that the title offered five classes (with a perk system), and a dialogue system that could affect missions and how characters related to Thorton.

While it wasn’t quite the commercial hit that it was thought to be ahead of launch, it still did pretty well with both console and PC fans. That was then though, and since its initial release Alpha Protocol has basically vanished. Obviously you can’t get a physical copy for consoles anymore, but the game was delisted on PC digital storefronts long ago.

If you never grabbed a copy though, your time is once again here, as GOG has swooped in a saved the game from the dustbin of history.

As Michael Thorton, a covert agent, players travel around the globe executing black ops operations to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the world. With RPG elements known from other games made by the studio, the protagonist will not only influence geopolitics but also his own character, making each playthrough unique and consequential.

GOG press release

Out right now via the GOG storefront, Alpha Protocol features achievement, localization, and gamepad support, plus includes a licensed soundtrack. As you might expect, it also touts compatibility “with modern operating systems”, and takes advantage of GOG Galaxy’s cloud save capability.

Oh yeah, and like everything else on GOG, it’s DRM free.

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