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Take a drive into the weird, as Pacific Drive launches

There’s some high-strangeness afoot in Pacific Drive’s Olympic Exclusion Zone, and all you’ve got by your side is a station wagon.

Mt. Shasta not included

Actually, maybe Mt. Shasta is included, we’re not sure. But whether the real-world hotspot for weird is in Pacific Drive or not, Ironwood Studios’ newest is looking like it’s loaded with some high-strangeness of the weirdest kind.

The newly launched game takes place in the “Olympic Exclusion Zone”, on the west coast of the US. Why’s it called that? What’s happened to all the people? What are those way-out voices crackling over the radio as you drive though the foreboding landscape? Well, we wish we could answer some of that for you, but the lack of exposition seems to be a big part of what makes Pacific Drive look mighty interesting.

Behind an imposing 400-meter barrier, The Olympic Exclusion Zone conceals a captivating, yet hostile, region filled with radiation and hazardous anomalies. Stranded in this surreal and mysterious version of the Pacific Northwest, players navigate the rough terrain with only their station wagon for company amidst eerie voices echoing through the airwaves. From the safety of the garage, players and their trusty station wagon take excursions into the unknown where survival hinges on searching for precious resources and carefully navigating various hazards. Each trip deeper within The Zone becomes more perilous as players venture further into uncharted territory and uncover strange mysteries and otherworldly dangers before racing against the storm to return to the safe haven of their garage to gas up, fix that flat tire and try again.  

Kepler Intereactive press release

Ready for a wacked-out road trip? Pacific Drive is out right now for the PS5 and the PC (via Epic and Steam).

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