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It’s Morbin’ time, as Marvel’s Living Vampire takes center stage in Blood Hunt

While he hasn’t been all that big of a presence in a long time, Morbius will play a huge role in the Blood Hunt crossover.

We just can’t let it die

Long time Spider-Man fans know Doctor Michael Morbius very well indeed, as the scientist who turned himself into a hideous “Living Vampire”. Not turned by normal (read: supernatural) means, Morbius is nonetheless infected with many of the powers and failings of hie partial namesake. And that’s a fact that’s set to lead into his role in Blood Hunt.

A big time crossover event from Marvel, Blood Hunt sees the various vampire tribes of the Marvel U uniting with a common goal. Naturally, that’s the usher in eternal night, and rid the Earth of the living. So, bringing it back around then, where does a character who walks that line find himself?

The answer, according to Marvel Comics, is right in the middle of it.

Art and Cover by Marcelo Ferriera

Spider-Man will be tasked to find his iconic vampiric villain in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: BLOOD HUNT, a new tie-in series spinning out of Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz’s Blood Hunt crossover event. Written by Justina Ireland (Deadpool: Seven Slaughters) and drawn by artist Marcelo Ferreira (Moon Knight: City of the Dead), SPIDER-MAN: BLOOD HUNT will see Spidey team up with Misty Knight and the Lizard to rescue Morbius—who has already fallen into the vampire overlord’s clutches!

“Getting to write Morbius, The Living Vampire, has been a lot of fun,” Ireland shared. “He’s always been a delightful foil to Spider-Man and other heroes of the Marvel Universe, and I hope I can capture the determination to change one’s fate that I’ve always loved about the character. Well, that and the brooding.”

“I was really excited when my editor invited me to be a part of the Blood Hunt crossover by means of penciling the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN tie-in limited series!” Ferreira added. “It is double special for me, because it is a return to two characters that I’ve drawn before and that have a special place in my heart: Spidey and MORBIUS! Or maybe I can say triple special, because it also involves vampires. I think my art perfectly matches these darker themes.”

Spidey’s mission in Blood Hunt has become clear and, of course, it involves his old friend Michael Morbius. After he discovers the importance of his fanged foe to the vampire’s overall plans, Peter will have to decide if he needs to take him out or save him!

Marvel Comics press release

Expect to see a ton more on Blood Hunt as we get into the thick of the event here in 2024, and that includes more about Spider-Man: Blood Hunt #1 (of 3) that you see here. You’ll be able to find this specific issue on the racks this coming May the 15th.

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