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The King of Fighters XV gets “Advance Strike” update tomorrow

A reported “major” update for SNK fighter The King of Fighters XV is about to hit, bringing a brand new offensive option for players.

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Released in 2022, SNK’s latest King of Fighters title presented yet another quality outing for the long-toothed series. That’s included a full two seasons (so far) of content, with a whole bunch of new fighters, and of course a set of updates.

The latest of those though, is set to deliver a chunky new mechanic in the form of something called “Advance Strike”. It’s not often that you see a game get a major new control option after launch, but that’s just what SNK is delivering, allowing players to get aggressive with attacks, while defending themselves at the same time.

The Advance Strike causes a hard knockdown on hit, leaving players’ well-placed for more offense. This offensive move costs half a power gauge bar, but this is restored on both hit and block. Unlike the counterattack Shatter Strike, the Advance Strike grants a counter hitbox against throws partway through; if it lands while the counter is active, players’ opponents will crumple to the ground (and be prone to follow-ups).

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Ready to get back into some SNK action? The Advance Strike update should be live tomorrow, January 30th, 2024. As mentioned, it’ll be free to download and add onto your base copy of The King of Fighters XV, which is available for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, and the PC.

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