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Marvel Comics brings the “What If…?” brand to it’s Aliens line

So here’s a first, Marvel Comics is expanding both its What If…? and Aliens lineups, and the first issue centers on a familiar face.

Mad about Aliens

While the company hasn’t really made much of a big deal about it, Marvel Comics has had the 20th Century Fox “Aliens” license for a while now. We’ve seen a number of mini-series’ spin out of that, but the newest is actually notable.

That’s because it brings together both the sci-fi/horror franchise and What If…?, for a never before seen amalgamation. This is set to kick off with a bang too, as the first issue focuses on none other than Carter Burke. Even cooler, “What If… Carter Burke has lived?” will be penned by Adam F. Goldberg, Brian Volk-Weiss, Hans Rodionoff, and… both Paul Reiser and his son Leon Reiser. Yes, the man who played Burke in the beloved Aliens film will actually be involved in writing his What If…?.

The five-issue comic series will take readers back to the events of the franchise’s historic original sequel, Aliens, to ask the question, “What If… Carter Burke has lived?” The actor behind the 1987 film’s beloved villain, Paul Reiser, joins his son Leon and the star-studded team of writers and producers Adam F. Goldberg (The Goldbergs), Brian Volk-Weiss (The Toys That Made Us) and Hans Rodionoff (Damage Control) for this pulse-pounding journey back to Hadley’s Hope and the twisted escape of a man who should have died. On art duties is Guiu Villanova, known for providing intergalactic excellence on titles like Cosmic Ghost Rider and Eternals. The saga will further explore the nature of the man who infamously betrayed Ripley and the lengths he’s willing to go to get his hands on the deadliest species in the galaxy…

For years, fans of James Cameron’s legendary Aliens questioned whether Carter Burke, a company man more hateable than the Xenomorphs themselves, had actually survived the traumatic events on the terraforming colony Hadley’s Hope. Thirty-five years later, Burke is eeking out a cursed existence on a backwater asteroid. With his once-promising career in the toilet, Burke’s only remaining purpose in life is to care for his daughter, Brie. She hates him, probably for being a horrible person. And when she finds out what he’s up to now? It’s not going to be a friendly reunion. Has Burke learned his lesson, or is he about to get all of his companions killed again?

On the chance to revisit the character’s motives, Reiser said, “For years, people have asked me about Burke, what it was like to play such a ‘bad guy,’ to which my response was always ‘You say ‘bad’, I say ‘misunderstood.’ Now the world will find out!”

Marvel Comics press release

With art from Guiu Vilanova, look for Aliens: What If…? #1 (of 5) on the stands on March 6th, 2024.

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