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Ultimate Spider-Man is about to meet his shocking first super-foe

The Ultimate universe has its Spider-Man, and this new Peter Parker is about to learn that superheroes have super-villains.

It’s a Shocker

How much do you know about the new Ultimate Universe from Marvel Comics? We ask because if you thought it was just going to be a continuation of the old one, you’d have been wrong. With the old… UU faded into the ether, this new one springs from the Ultimate Invasion storyline in the mainline Marvel Universe.

In that, the old Ultimate Universe’s version of Reed Richards crossed over from oblivion and had become an arch-villain called The Maker. And being who and what he is, he basically ended up creating a new version of his home reality by the end of the arc. But again, this isn’t the original by any stretch, and Spider-Man himself is example enough of that.

The Maker had prevented Pete from ever begin bitten by that famous spider, and therefor (effectively) eliminated his superhero persona. Some things just can’t be stopped though, and so the new Ultimate Spider-Man comic will find a much older, ‘married and with children’ Peter, who dons the red and blue for the first time. Or actually, maybe it’s a black costume first this time.

At least that’s what it looks like from this new preview of the books second issue, where Pete battles Shocker for the first time. Not that the Shock-master is all that’s out there waiting for the newly-born web-head, as there’s what looks to be a Stark-powered (maybe?) Green Goblin too, and a not-dead Uncle Ben, who’s an accomplished journalist and business partner of… J. Jonah Jameson?!

Marvel’s new Ultimate Universe was shaped by the evil Reed Richards variant known as the Maker. Travelling back in time on a parallel Earth, the Maker prevented young Peter Parker from ever being bit by that fateful radioactive spider. Now, 20 years later, the Universe’s own Tony Stark has given Peter the chance to reclaim the heroic destiny that was stolen from him! Taking on great responsibility as Spider-Man, an adult Peter web-swings into the New York skies for the first time, ready to use his newfound abilities to help fix the world in any way he can, all while balancing his new role with being a devoted husband and loving father. Taking place a month into Peter’s burgeoning super hero career, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #2 will see Peter’s first super powered brawl—an electrifying battle with the SHOCKER! 

Peter won’t be the only Parker embarking on new adventures and taking down super villains. Peter’s beloved uncle Ben is an award-winning journalist, and alongside his trusted partner J. Jonah Jameson, he’ll pursue the truth of their corrupt world and the unrest that’s stirring around every corner—starting with discovering the identity and motives of the newly emerged Green Goblin! Get a glimpse at all this and more in today’s all-new preview.

Marvel Comics press release

From Jonathan Hickman and artist Marco Checchetto, Ultimate Spider-Man #2 arrives in stores on February 21st, 2024.

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