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Dark Horse’s World of Warcraft Chronicle continues this July with volume 4

The deep fantasy world that hosts Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is getting another exploration with a fourth volume.

Ya want axe?

If you’re a Warcraft fan, you probably know all about Dark Horse’s series of books exploring the high-fantasy realm. Three volumes deep as of right now, the World of Warcraft Chronicle series is about to get a fourth installment, and this one will dig into the time period after the MMO’s Cataclysm arc.

That means the Horde and the Alliance have put aside their differences to defeat both Warchief Garrosh Hellscream and the demonic Burning Legion, only to pick up arms again against one another in that double-threat’s wake. And along with all the happenings and developments, fans will also find never before seen artwork in the upcoming title’s pages.

Encompassing lore from five expansions: Mists of PandariaWarlords of DraenorLegionBattle for Azeroth, and Shadowlands, as well as the cinematics, novels, short stories, comics, and ancillary world-building that bridges in-game events, World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 4 is fans’ key to a rich knowledge of the universe! This all-encompassing compendium is the perfect tool for fans to reacquaint themselves with recent lore developments as they play the Dragonflight expansion and look ahead to the upcoming Worldsoul Saga. Developed in close collaboration with franchise creative director Chris Metzen and the World of Warcraft game team, World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 4 is filled with fresh story insights, important details, and broader foundations for understanding the lore of the universe.

Featuring never-before-seen illustrations of critical events by new and returning artists, as well as painstakingly detailed maps, cosmology, and adornments, enriching the reading experience on every page. Become a loremaster with World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 4! This new volume will be presented in a beautiful hardcover edition, matching the design of the previous three volumes and spanning 224 pages. 

Dark Horse press release

Priced in at $49.99 USD, World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 4 will arrive in bookstores on July 17th, and in comic shops the very next day.

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