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Turn-based tactical title Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters hitting consoles next month

From Frontier Developments and Complex Games, strategy title Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is coming to consoles.

The hunt is on

Launched about two years ago for the PC, developer Complex Games’ Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is finally branching out. The tactical strategy title centers on the enigmatic Space Marine chapter called The Grey Knights, who strike at the evil forces of Chaos from their base, the Baleful Edict.

Players will have to form their squads and utilize a mix of melee and psyker abilities to tackle the demonic Nurgle in turn-based battles. Those fights will be framed by script from author Aaron Dembski-Bowden, and a top notch voice-cast starring the likes of Andy Serkis and Robyn Addison.

The corruption spreads

From their mobile base of operations, the Baleful Edict, Force Commanders will be required to make difficult choices on the survival of individual worlds in their efforts to contain The Bloom, Nurgle’s plague which is spreading across the Tyrtaeus system. Making vital repairs and upgrading their cruiser will prove crucial in responding to the growing threat. Meanwhile the unexpected arrival of an Inquisitor brings her own agenda and research, yielding new options to understand and counter the Bloom’s spread.

On the battlefield, players will customise and command their unique squad of Grey Knights in brutal turn-based combat, executing orders with absolute certainty of the outcome. With an array of specialist and advanced classes, commanders can overwhelm their foes by using the environment to collapse cathedral pillars and detonate plasma batteries, or cleave the enemy’s limbs from their bodies to remove their abilities before opening up stunning cinematic executions.

As the Grey Knights clash with Nurgle’s foul poxwalkers and legions of Death Guard, the Bloom amplifies each foe’s abilities based on the strain of Bloom present on the planet. As powerful psykers, the Grey Knights can utilise psychic abilities to change the course of battle, however each use increases the chance of a Warp Surge event, bringing unexpected consequences and greater challenge to each encounter.

Frontier Developments press release

Prepare thyself to eradicate the filth of Chaos Commander, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters lands for PlayStation and Xbox consoles on February 20th, 2024. Pre-ordering a digital copy will net you a cool 15% off the asking price, the Relics of Titan. That’s a pack including “two unique in-game items which will lend aid against the initial outbreak of the Bloom.”

In addition to the base version too, there’s also the Purifier Edition. That grants the ability to “recruit the legendary Castellan Garran Crowe to their ranks partway through the campaign”. You might want Crowe too, as he wields the massively powerful Black Blade of Antwyr. Could come in handy.

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