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Cloaked in supernatural mystery, Pacific Drive pulls onto the PS5 in February

It’s just going to be a nice trip down the coast, except Pacific Drive’s ‘coast’ is located in the mysterious Olympic Exclusion Zone.

Imagine this article crackling across your radio

We first told you about Pacific Drive quite a while ago. But while the game’s been fairly radio-silent, Ironwood Studios and Kepler Interactive’s paranormal road trip is finally back and it’s packing a pair of release dates.

A pair? That’s right, as the title will be arriving first in digital form, before getting a physically boxed edition for the PS5 later in the spring. Sony’s platform looks to be hanging onto the title as a console exclusive, so while that will be the sole disc-edition, you’ll also be able to get the game on PC.

And if you’re unaware of the game altogether, then we’d say it’s definitely worth your time to check out the latest trailer.

Take a brief glance behind the curtain of the Olympic Exclusion Zone’s past, the engrossing expanse at the heart of Pacific Drive. Once a shining jewel in the Pacific Northwest, it now sits behind a 300-meter wall, closed to the outside world and left to mysterious phenomena and the forces of nature. Explore distinctly fascinating new biomes as you drive deeper into the unknown; chart the Zone, uncover its hidden history and try to outrun the deadly anomalies of this surreal place. 

Get behind the wheel of a uniquely capable station wagon, maintaining and upgrading your ride with life-saving tools while navigating treacherous terrain, gathering supplies and surviving tense encounters with the land’s dangerous hazards. Mysterious voices reach your car’s radio the further you drive, offering questions and dire warnings – leaving you to wonder who or what remains in this desolate place. Will you survive or become another relic in the Zone’s haunting landscape? 

Kepler Interactive press release

Creeped out yet? Well, if you are, then you still have a little while to prepare for the supreme levels of weirdness happening in Pacific Drive. The game will arrive for the PC and PS5 on February 22nd, 2024. Again, that’s going to be in digital format, and the physical box won’t be along til a while after.

When exactly, we don’t know, but it looks like would-be fans can expect to add a copy to their bookshelves some time in the spring.

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