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Artist Ivan Reis is Ghost Machine’s first horror-universe creator, will helm new series Hyde Street

A fan-favorite artist from a host of DC Comics’ books, Ivan Reis will be heading to the creator-owned Ghost Machine.

Shifting landscape

We haven’t seen much mention of just how much Ghost Machine is shaking up the comic book landscape, but it’s not insignificant in any way. The label, which is set to be published through Image Comics, has scooped up a solid amount of talent since its announcement at NYCC. And we’re not talking minor names either, with the likes of Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Geoff Johns, and now Ivan Reis.

Reis made a name for himself with DC Comics, under huge properties like Superman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman, but will now be taking a decidedly darker tone. If you remember, there was a ‘big name’ that Ghost Machine couldn’t talk about when it was announced a few months back, one that would be working in its horror universe. Now with this week’s reveal at the CCXP show, we know that name is Reis’. And also, that the book will be Hyde Street.

More than just a singular title, Hyde Street will be both the flagship and overall name of the company’s horror imprint. It’s a label that joins The Unnamed, Rook: Exodus, and The Rocketfellers to round out the quartet of completely separate comic book universes that GM will launch with.

Here’s a brief description of what to expect:

Reis will re-team with Johns, his frequent collaborator on numerous now-iconic DC stories (Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Aquaman) on Hyde Street, an all-new series which will launch Ghost Machine’s horror universe and introduce strange and bizarre characters like Mr. X-Ray. Hyde Street debuts in January’s Ghost Machine #1, which will feature exclusive Hyde Street covers by Reis, before launching later in 2024. Perhaps best described as Blackest Night’s fantastic scope with Twilight Zone’s thought-provoking drama, Hyde Street will continue Reis and Johns’ tradition of epic, character-centered stories with rich and sprawling mythologies surrounding them.

“Continuing our goal to have the most beautiful books on the stands, we at Ghost Machine are proud, privileged and honored to welcome modern-day master, Ivan Reis, to the family. Ivan was at the top of our list for the next creator to join us and we could not be more excited to have him as the newest creator and co-owner,” said Ghost Machine’s creators in a statement.

Ghost Machine press release

Ghost Machine had something of a preview debut, with the release of Geiger: Ground Zero, a two-part mini-series that debuted in November and will conclude this month. Past that, GM will officially launch with Ghost Machine #1 in January, which will be a 64 page special containing teases for all four of the aforementioned lines.

You can expect a pause after that release, until April of 2024, when shipping begins in earnest with Geiger’s ongoing, Redcoat, and Rook: Exodus.

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