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Wizordum nudged back, but still arriving before the end of the month

First-person fantasy action is still very much on the way this month with Apogee and Emberheart Games’ Wizordum.

Delay of magic

An age of first-person action titles that’s been long gone is about to make its way back to PC’s. If you loved the likes of Hexen and especially Heretic, then you definitely want to see what’s in store with upcoming Steam-exclusive Early Access title, Wizordum.

A retroish game that will arrive by way of classic PC publisher Apogee and developer Emberheart, Wizordum casts players in the role of a mage out to stop a rogue wizard from unleashing ancient evils on the world. The fantasy title is loaded with magic to cast, melee weaponry to wield, and is set in a colorful world that’s overflowing with charm.

Unfortunately, it’s also about to see a little bit of a delay from its formerly announced drop-date, but check out the latest trailer before we get into that.

After a billion-year cosmic prison sentence, the evil forces of Chaos have been let loose by a rogue Wizard with a destructive desire for secret knowledge. Many mages have been sent to fight back, but none have returned.

Apogee press release

Now that you’re significantly pumped after watching the trailer, lets get to the not-so great news. That’s because, as mentioned, the return of the fantasy FPS is being delayed a little from its previous November 15th launch. That’s not to say that it’ll be all that much of a wait though.

Announced today by Apogee, Wizordum will be landing in Steam Early Access on November 29th. So while it’s a slightly perturbing two week nudge, it still will be playable (in EA form) before the month closes out, so you can add a little fantasy to your Holiday Season.

Also worth a mention is that the game will be priced in at an almost shocking $14.99 USD. So this is one magical quest that won’t drain your gold reserves.

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