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Prey’s unique hunter gets sixth-scale figure from Hot Toys

One of the best-received “Predator” movies since the originals, Prey’s own hunter is on the way to collectors.

North American hunter

Released in 2022, Prey was inarguably one of the best reviewed and received Predator films since Predator 2. The movie brought the formerly-title beast back to a simpler time, and opened up a storyline that hit the mark big time for most fans.

That tale pitted one of the reptilian, alien Yautja against a group of Comanche, and specifically against a young would-be hunter named Naru. And that Yautja wasn’t all that familiar for fans either, as the design of this “Feral Predator” shook up the property quite a bit.

Sure the Feral was more or less the same as Predators always are in terms of motivation, as he was a sport hunter. But it’s his look that was more unique than ever before. Tall and lanky, the Feral had more primitive weapons, and though his mask did sport built-in tech, it also was covered in bone, and didn’t have a rebreather.

Now that specific beast is about to get his own Hot Toys figure, and being that this is Hot Toys we’re talking about here, it’s pretty wicked-looking.

This exquisitely crafted deluxe action figure is inspired by the Feral Predator’s appearance in the movie Prey. Standing 37 cm (14.5”) tall, this highly poseable collectible features a newly developed, hand-painted headsculpt with highly detailed rubber hair, interchangeable mandibles with fangs, a sculpted lamellar skirt, forearm armor, and ankle wraps.

The Feral Predator figure also includes an impressive variety of hunting weapons, including a shield, blades (attachable to the forearm gauntlet), a whip, two batons, a spear gun, and a spear. Additional accessories include an LED light-up Predator mask, a capsule backpack, bone trophies (attachable to the Predator’s belt), and a newly designed diorama base inspired by Naru’s campsite, bringing extra detail and dynamism to your display. 

The Feral Predator 1/6 Scale Figure is a must-have figure for Predator and sci-fi fans! Available to pre-order now, via Sideshow

Sideshow press release

The Feral Predator is priced in at $395 USD, and is set to ship some time in the last quarter of 2024, or early 2025. Pre-orders are open via Sideshow right now however, and you can grab one for yourself via the links above.

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