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The original Turok saga comes to a close with this month’s Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

The N64 classic returns this month, and in remastered form thanks to the retro-masters at Nightdive. Turok 3 takes aim next week.

I. Am. Turok.

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion probably isn’t the game that most fans think of when they consider the N64 series of FPS’. It seems like Turok and its first sequel were both infinitely more celebrated, though there are probable reasons for that.

For one thing, T3 didn’t star Turok. The title hero was MIA, with two new playable characters in his place. But maybe the biggest cause was that the game was another N64 exclusive, and launched pretty late in the console’s lifecycle (2000). So as such, it was more or less overshadowed by newer and flashier titles.

But that’s not the case now, as the highly-rated shooter is indeed back thanks to Nightdive. It’s been fully remastered, looking better than ever and set to be reintroduced to a whole new audience.

Players choose between dual protagonists Joseph and Danielle Fireseed, siblings of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil protagonist Joshua Fireseed. Together, they must defeat the titular antagonist Oblivion and its followers, the Flesh Eaters, after the supposed demise of their brother at its hands. 

Nightdive Studios press release

If you haven’t played the original, trust us when we say that trailer looks markedly different. According to Nightdive, the tech-boosts include advanced rendering features, with “anti-aliasing, bloom, ambient occlusion, dynamic shadows, and motion blur” all included. That’s all in addition to the remastering of art and characters, plus “updated weapon models”.

Want even more out of this bad boy? Well, that’s good because you’re getting it. Nightdive has also implemented 4K 120FPS performance (and trophies/achievements) for those playing on a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation platform, and motion controls/rumble for Switch fans. So wherever you play Turok 3, you’re getting a significant bump over the game that appeared on the N64 23 years ago.

Look for Turok 3: Shadows of Oblivion to complete the trilogy, when it arrives for the above platforms next week, on November 14th.

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