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Sega reveals Apple-exclusive Sonic Dream Team, coming in December

While a 2D Sonic is burning up consoles and PC right now, there’s a 3D platformer coming as well… exclusively for Apple.

A new age

Is Apple’s renewed focus on gaming going to upset the status quo? It’s hard to say right now, though the mobile landscape certainly hasn’t made much of a dent in the past. Still though, it’s eyebrow-raising to see companies like Capcom releasing Resident Evil titles for iPhone that have relative parity with consoles. Now you can raise that brow just a little further too, thanks to Sega.

The gaming giant has revealed that a new 3D Sonic the Hedgehog platformer has been in development, and it’s set to arrive exclusively for Apple Arcade. While it represents the latest in a line of releases for Sega, that’s included the likes of Samba de Amigo and Sonic Racing, it’s also pretty easily a marquee release. Sonic games are still Sonic games after all, and it’s been a little while since fans have been treated to something like Sonic Dream Team.

Take a look:

In this all-new Sonic adventure, the evil Dr. Eggman has discovered The Reverie – an ancient device with the power to manifest dreams in the real world. Navigate twisted dreamscapes, rescue your friends, and put a stop to Dr. Eggman’s nightmarish dreams of world domination! 

Sega press release

Fans will be able to pick from six different characters in Sonic Dream Team, including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream, and Rouge. That alone makes the new game notable since it’s one of the biggest assortment of playable characters ever in a Sonic title.

Each will play differently too, showcasing varied methods of traversal through Dream Team’s stages that’ll result in “unique exploration opportunities”. Just don’t expect those stages to be familiar. Sega says that Dream Team will feature all-new landscapes, spread out across its four worlds and 12 levels, and the company specifically notes that “We’re not in Green Hill anymore!”

Ready for Sonic to crash the Apple party? Sonic Dream Team will be available for play via Apple Arcade, for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, on December 5th.

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