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Pre-orders open for Dragonyhm, a JRPG for the… Game Boy Color

No your eyes to do deceive you, a brand new, classically styled role-player for the Game Boy Color is coming with Dragonyhm.

Why’s that name so hard to type?

So here we are in 2023 and there’s a brand-spankin’ new Game Boy Color game to talk about. It’s incredible what the market can deliver really, as there are new games seemingly all the time now for formerly defunct consoles. Dragonyhm is the newest of those to catch our eye here at BG though, and it’s looking pretty great.

From developer Spacebot Interactive and publisher Incube8 Games, Dragonyhm is a “reimagining” of a classic Game Boy title, called Dragonborne. It updates that original though, with the GBC treatment, and brings players to a world that’s filled with monsters, quests, and of course dragons.

For a number of years after the age-old conflict with dragons came to a head, the people of Archend have enjoyed an era of peace. All was well until the esteemed dragon slayer Kurtis went missing, and the sealed dragons began to awaken.

Play as Kris, son of the slayer, embarking on a quest to find him. Meet memorable characters while uncovering the rich history of Archend, and uncover a plot that threatens to destroy the kingdom!

Explore, solve, and battle your way through this heroic adventure!

Incube8 Games press release

A full JRPG from the GBC era as you remember them, Dragonyhm serves up 10 hours of play in its fantasy realm. Players can expect a “fully-fledged battle and leveling up system”, 9 dungeons to play through, secret areas, multiple endings, and “plenty of “numerous” enemies, collectibles, quests, and puzzles to find. There’s also something called the Golden Dragon modes, which once unlocked will “change the theme and difficulty of the game”.

So yeah, there’s a lot to this little trip down memory lane. If you’re a fan of the genre or your old Game Boy Color, you might want to grab one of those pre-orders, which again are live now. You can get in on one here in two different editions or digitally, but just remember that if you go for one of the Game Boy versions, they’re gonna be on a cart.

You’ll need a Game Boy, Game Boy Color or Analogue Pocket to play either of them. Curiously, the press release doesn’t list Game Boy Advance as being compatible, so we’re not clear on whether the cartridge will work or not with that later hardware.

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