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It’s nanotech gone mad in co-op shooter Synced, out now on PC

From NExT Studios and publisher Level Infinite, Synced casts players as Runners in a world overrun by nanotechnology.

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“Synced” isn’t just the name of NExT Studios’ new co-op shooter, it’s also an intrinsic part of gameplay. The title stars a team of Runners, mercs tasked with deploying into a dangerous zone called the Meridian. It’s there that they’ll have to search out a nano-powered energy source, and deal with those who’ve taken the new tech just a little too far, the Nanos.

Developed by NExT Studios and published by Level Infinite, SYNCED transports players to the Meridian, a devastated zone populated with deadly Nanos – former humans transformed by nanotechnology gone tragically awry. Players will take on the role of Runners – brave fortune-hunters searching the Meridian for Nerva, a valuable nano-energy substance.

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As a Runner, players will be able to grab power-ups called Exchange Mods, and also “sync” with something called Prime Nanos. Once bonded to a human, Prime Nanos can be turned around on foes and remade into Companion Nanos. Those mechanical minions can build out a squad, by complimenting the skills of the player to better take on the hordes of enemies lurking in the Meridian.

Along with all the action, there’s also a player-upgrade system in Synced called Runner Mods, “Guntech” weapon mods, and of course lots of loot to take back to base between rounds to buy all of the above with. Worth mentioning too, is that while the game definitely has a co-op slant, it’ll also send players into the fray solo if they prefer. So you do have the option if you’re not a multiplayer fan.

Synced is out now on the PC, and is free-to-play via the Epic Game Store, Steam, or the official Synced site. You can expect to see plenty of the game in the future too, as NExT is prepping a full post-launch catalog of new Runners, Nanos, maps, and more.

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