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Space-based action gets a co-op focus in Void Crew, out now in Steam Early Access

Outer space is the place for little looting, shooting, and cooperating, as Void Crew lands on Steam’s Early Access platform.

Remember to blame your teammates

While you’re star-system hopping and going into the mysteries of the universe in some other titles out there this week, you might want to make some room for something a little… different. With a focus on action and co-op play, Focus Entertainment and developer Hutlihut Games’ Void Crew tasks a team of 4 players with running a starship, planning missions, and defeating an alien foe called the Hollow.

In space, no one can hear you scream… 

…except your friends! In Void Crew, humanity unites against a mysterious aggressor – the Hollow. As the chosen ones, you and your crew of up to four mavericks must brave the void and bring order to the galaxy! Prepare to be captivated by an immersive universe where stunning visuals thrust you into a world of thrilling space battles.

Embark on a cooperative journey that will test your strategic prowess and communication skills. In Void Crew, teamwork isn’t just an option; it’s the key to reclaiming humanity’s lost territory. Command your spaceship together: pilot the vessel, man the turrets, perform emergency repairs, recharge the power cells, utilize space station weaponry, fabricate munitions and venture out on extravehicular missions – be it patching the ship’s hull or scavenging derelict wrecks.

Focus Entertainment press release

Take to the stars on the PC today in Void Crew, by way of Steam’s Early Access system. The game is up now, and the dev team is actively listening to feedback from players, as the title travels through the rest of the development cycle.

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