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Gamescom 23: Something strange is happening in the US northwest in Pacific Drive

A walled-off section of the Pacific Northwest contains all manner of anomalies, in the supremely weird new game Pacific Drive.

Cue spooky music

What does lay past the “Pacific “Olympic Exclusion Zone”? We don’t really know, but from the first look at Kepler Interactive and Ironwood Studios’ Pacific Drive, it’s definitely… odd. The game sends players into a northwest that was sealed off from the rest of the US years ago, as a result of what seems like some kind of arcane experiments.

Its residents who refused to vacate, were all left to survive among what are only known as “anomalies”. But though it seems like actual human contact will be scarce in the game’s lonely world, players won’t be completely alone in their journey either.

How’s that? Well, there’s the car…

In the shadow of towering evergreens in the Pacific Northwest, you find yourself trapped behind a 300-meter wall. But why was it built and who or what are the Remnants? Mysterious voices traverse the airwaves questioning you, warning you. Through your battles against the elements and the Exclusion Zone’s anomalies only one thing is certain: you and your car won’t leave unchanged.

Left untouched for over 30 years, the Olympic Exclusion Zone is home to all manners of hazards and mysterious phenomena known as anomalies. With only your station wagon for company, navigate the winding roads as you attempt to untangle a web of secrets that have surrounded the area since the ’50s. Gather resources to upgrade your car and uncover more clues as you venture further and farther out into the unknown.

Kepler Interactive press release

Fuel up, and get ready for the high-strangeness of Pacific Drive. It’s scheduled to hit the PS5 and PC some time in early 2024.

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