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Build, survive, and thrive in strategy title Desynced

Out now for the PC, Stage Games’ innovative strategy title Desynced tasks players with surviving on a hostile alien world.

‘N sync

As real-time strategy titles go, Desynced looks pretty interesting indeed. Atypical of the genre, the game lacks a focus on action, instead offering what sounds like more of a survival experience. Players find themselves stranded high above an alien world, and must use a drone fleet to build a planet-side settlement and deal with challenges along the way.

Not that the game is devoid of conflict however, as colonists will also have to deal with some angry local fauna, and rival factions.

Your ship is stranded in orbit around an unknown world. Tasked with gathering resources from below, players can customize drones and buildings to create a modular, flexible base to mine, process raw materials, manufacture technology, and repair their damaged spacecraft.

In Desynced, actions like mining, scanning for resources, or generating solar power are performed by modules. Any module that can be installed in a drone can also be installed in a building. Construct mobile miners or build stationary mining platforms. Create a wind farm high on a plateau, or equip a drone to distribute power to any drone or building around it. In Desynced, every problem has more than one solution. 

Forklift Interactive press release

Desynced offers up both solo and co-op play, as well as a versus mode to pit players against one another in a battle for survival. In addition, Forklift Interactive says that Desynced’s world will serve up ruins and “explorables”, new areas to discover, and an “expansive” tech-tree.

the title is available now on PC, via Steam Early Access.

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