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A grim, post-apocalyptic world comes to life in twin-stick shooter Remedium

The world is a desolate place, as the last humans alive vie for survival in the savage landscape of twin-stick shooter Remedium.

The race for a cure

You don’t normally see a suit of medieval armor in a game that has guns and a post-apocalyptic theme. Yet here we are with Remedium, a twin-stick blaster from Sobaka Studio, and published by ESDigital.

The title will have players not just facing hordes of foes in nonstop combat, but also searching for ways to survive its hostile world, a hundred years after an apocalypse called the Grey Plague. Now infected with the mutating illness himself, Remedium’s main character finds himself on the road alone, searching for a cure.

A cataclysmic event a century ago still devastates the remnants of a dying continent. The haunting cast of the Grey Plague left bloodthirsty beasts stalking the world as citizens hide away while desperately searching for a cure. Tragedy takes an even sharper turn for the worst when one of the few remaining survivors is infected, fated to morph into an unspeakable monstrosity.

Quickly find a cure or succumb to the horrifying consequences of the creeping infection. Run, gun, and dodge through vicious packs of chimeras, mutants, elementals, gargoyles, and golems, in the dilapidated landscapes. As his condition worsens, use the dreadful symptoms to his advantage to eliminate the bloodthirsty creatures standing in the way.

ESDigital press release

Remedium is set to hit the PC via Early Access on September 14th. It actually has a prequel that’s out now however, called Remedium: Sentinels. A bullet-hell shooter, that is out for both PC and consoles.

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