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Retro-football title Legend Bowl looks to dominate the game on consoles

Looking for something different, when it comes to your yearly football fix? That’s just what Legend Bowl seeks to deliver, with a retro flair.

Quarterback sack

Burned out on that big, yearly pigskin title? That’s easy to imagine, as EA’s annual refresh has gotten criticism for not delivering a truly ‘new’ experience in years. If you are tired of what the big guys are putting out, then you might want to take a look at something all together different, but at the same time feels vaguely familiar.

That looks to be Legend Bowl in a nutshell, which is being called a spiritual successor to iconic football favorite Tecmo Bowl. The game lets fans basically make their own league, complete with teams, coaches, players… and just about everything else.

In terms of gameplay, it sounds like Legend Bowl straddles the line between arcade and sim. The emphasis is on having fun, though the game does take things like player “speed, agility, acceleration and more” into account. Originally from Super Pixel Games (on the PC), the console edition of Legend Bowl is a collaboration between Top Hat Studios, Inc., and YoYoGames. Past its retro-styled play, fans can also look for weather and time-of-day cycles, refs, mascots, and basically everything else that makes football… football.

Here’s a look at it in action:

“LEGEND BOWL has probably been one of the most challenging games we’ve ever ported, adapted, and optimised for a console release. As a simulator with a huge amount of complexity under the hood, and so many different moving parts, the amount of work it needed is quite definitely deceiving for what looks like a 2d pixel art game. Our team has done incredible work in not just getting the game to work, but work well, and at the end of it all, the project required over 7 million lines of code, split across 2 console generations, and 5 different devices. We’re proud of what we achieved – there really is no in-depth football gaming experience like LEGEND BOWL, and every single ounce of sweat was worth it.”

Andy Andi Han, Executive Producer Top Hat Studios, Inc.

Packed with 32 pre-made teams and tons of creation options, Legend Bowl is out now on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, and the Nintendo Switch.

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