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Illfonic scares up a familiar looking spirit, in more Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed content

The third round of free Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed content has arrived, and it should be very familiar for long-time fans.

I see you

Before you check out the trailer, take a look at that ghost in the header. Does it look familiar at all? If you’re a Ghostbusters fan from the days of the original toy line, it should, as the spook looks eerily similar to one of the best-loved early figures, the Bug-Eye Ghost.

Illfonic’s Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is filled with similar nods to the iconic franchise’s history, and is just one of the ways that it hits the mark for fans. And as these free packs keep rolling out, it’s also a game that continues to boost its re-playability.

Here’s your look at the new content pack, which also packs in a new map, new cosmetics, and some good old fashioned quality of life updates:

Here’s your full list of what’s included in the download:

  • New Map – The New Motion Club – The New Motion Club is a pillar of the New York underground music scene. From Baxter Hills to Trance Ratton, countless now well-known alternative acts have gotten their start here. After a change in ownership, the venue was expanded to include a two-thousand square foot street level dance hall with the original basement stage reimagined as a comedy club. More space led to bigger bands, with many considering the New Motion Club to be a necessary stop on an artist’s path to stardom. What new ownership didn’t account for though, was a recent spike in paranormal activity. Are these ghostly parasites drawn to the energy of such a vibrant place, or are they just fans of “the scene” like everyone else? Either way, it’s bad for business, but good for busting.
  • New Ghost Type – Watcher – Our studies have unequivocally concluded that this ghost type is a particularly grotesque and elusive little creature. It’s safe to assume that before you ever notice a Watcher, it’s certainly already noticed you, courtesy of its giant external eye attached via a disgusting semi-corporeal tendon. A Watcher is known for sending its occult oculus hurtling toward intended scare targets and then either recoiling it back to its socket OR pulling its torso to the eye itself, phasing through anything that stands between them. So yes, it’s a quite hideous sight all around.
  • New Buster Cosmetics – Including Ghostbusters (2016) film Cosmetics and Gear Shells! 
  • Numerous Quality of Life updates to improve player’s gameplay experiences. 

Illfonic press release

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is available now for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, plus the PC. The above update should be out as well, as of this writing. And if you haven’t picked up the title yet, why not check out our review of the Xbox edition?

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