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SDCC 23: Wrapping up G.I. Joe’s Comic Con appearance with new figures, vehicles, and teases

Did Joe win Comic Con? Depends on your fandom I guess, but Hasbro’s G.I. Joe presentation was stellar, with loads of new reveals.


From somewhat underwhelming beginnings, Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Classified 6″ figure series has absolutely exploded. The team did a near total shift on the fly that kicked-off almost right after wave 1, moving the line from a heavier sci-fi tilt to more of a classic, military-grounded theme. The result has been an incredible balance, that’s more or less recaptured the magic that the iconic 80s “Joe” line had.

And of course, it’s been a massive hit with fans, spawning wave after wave of figures and smash HasLab crowd-fundings, for 6″ versions of the HISS tank and Dragonfly chopper. SDCC 2023 saw no letting up on the gas peddle either, with an maybe the biggest load of new reveals yet.

If you’d like to check out the happy recap, hit ‘play’ on the plugin below.

As with most of the announcements spinning out of the Con, a good chunk of what you see above is a ways off. That includes both some hugely anticipated figures, and also the exciting reveal that there are more vehicles coming to retail.

Stuff like the VAMP jeep (and the SMS!) has been talked about for a while amongst fans, but to see that those larger items are on the way really opens the door for what might be possible with Classified. It seems that mid-sized vehicles are not just limited to something like HasLab anymore. That’s just flat-out great to see. But aside from what’s to come, there were also some more immediate offerings.

Here’s what’s ready for pre-order now

A classic Joe was both revealed and posted for pre-order with Tripwire. Set to be a Hasbro Pulse exclusive, Trip is a deluxe offering, and looks absolutely loaded with accessory options. Oh, and a pet rat. And a ‘pet’ bot named M.A.C.L.E.O.D. He’s kind of a ‘can’t miss’, so check him out in the gallery and then head to Pulse to place your pre-order.

Tripwire is priced in at $34.99 USD and is aiming at a December 1st, 2023 ship date.

Then there was a little Joe backup, with the Steel Corps Trooper 2-pack. No, granted, we knew that was coming already, but the full reveal is still impressive. The pack is, like Tripwire, overflowing with accessories and display/play options.

Both Troopers come with retro-styled JUMP jetpacks, multiple weapons and head sculpts, and effect pieces aplenty. This box set isn’t ready for pre-order just yet, so stay tuned on it, though we do have some slick promo images to share.

Finally, and this one is pre-orderable, is Fire Team 788. A collection of Cobra troopers, this pack is made to compliment the upcoming HasLabs HISS tank that’ll be shipping this fall (for backers). Included are one each of a Range Viper, Cobra Officer, and Cobra infantry armed with a rocket launcher.

These aren’t the same ones that you’ll find single-boxed though, as each has a unique red and black color palette to match the HISS. These guys are the support for your tank, and should look awesome paired with it on your Cobra shelf. And if you didn’t get a HISS, well honestly they’d probably look just as cool all by themselves.

G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra H.I.S.S. – Fire Team 788 is set to ship on December 1st from Hasbro Pulse, and is priced in at $79.99 USD. You can pre-order one here.

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