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The Revel with Wyatt pack brings Bray, Zeus, Uncle Howdy and more to WWE 2K23

The roster of the latest WWE title from 2K and Visual Concepts is growing yet again, with a mix of classic and modern superstars.

Howdy Bray

Even more WWE superstars have made their way into WWE 2K23 as of today, bulking up the roster a bit more thanks to the Revel with Wyatt pack. But while this fourth DLC drop is much more heavily tilted towards the modern era than the Golden or Silver ages of the brand, there’s still a classic superstar in the mix. That, as you might know, is Zeus.

The co-star of Hulk Hogan’s big screen film No Holds Barred, Zeus battled the Hulkster way back in 1989. But he didn’t stop at the silver screen, as Zeus’ grudge would translate to an in-ring feud with Hogan as well. Not that he stuck around for long, but he did provide a brutal foe for the Hulk to overcome at SummerSlam that same year.

Again though, Zeus is the sole Legend to appear in the Revel with Wyatt pack, which is filled out with otherwise modern stars. Those include the headliner Bray Wyatt himself, along with Valhalla, Joe Gacy, Blair Davenport, and a surprise addition with the uber-weird Uncle Howdy.

Maybe even better than the stars, Revel with Wyatt also brings MyFACTION cards, and an impressive selection of new moves and taunts to the game. The pack is loaded with a total of 44 of those, which of course can be put to use in the game’s creation suite.

Speaking of MyFACTION, there’s a bunch of new content there as well. The mode now has “Amethyst tier Batista, Stacy Keibler, Chyna, and Ultimate Warrior, and many more”. Next week fans can expect the Neon Horizons collection (July 28th), which will bring “Diamond tier The Prototype, Leviathan and Chad Gable, plus Amethyst tier Alba Fyre, Bruno Sammartino, Grayson Waller, Roxanne Perez, and Scott Steiner, and many more”. Then on August 4th, you can expect even more with the SummerSlam Collection and it’s “Diamond tier Roman Reigns, Asuka, Scott Hall, Bianca Belair, and Jake Roberts, plus many more.”

Oh and speaking of August, the fifth and final pack will arrive for WWE 2K23 on August 16th. That’ll be the Bad News U pack.

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