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SDCC 23: The mighty Grimlock joins Robosen’s auto-converting lineup of Transformers

One of the best-loved Autobots of all time is about to get a seriously cool adaptation from Robosen. Grimlock debuts at SDCC this week.

Me Grimlock KING!

The leader of the Dinobots, and a staple of the Autobot lineup since he debuted back in the 80s, Grimlock is pretty much beyond a fan-favorite at this point. And as far as Grimlock toys go, they’re about to get a heck of a lot cooler, as the auto-converting Transformers company Robosen is about to bring the king of the bots to life.

In what’s got to be a pretty big surprise, Grimlock will be the latest Transformer to join the company’s awesome lineup. And this is no ‘reimagining’ either, as the figure will be 100% classic T-Rex Grimlock, meaning it’ll also be the “world’s first dual-form, bipedal walking robot”.

Here’s a detailed look, courtesy of Hasbro Pulse:

Equipped with an advanced SOC chip technology and a comprehensive robot operating system, this Flagship Collector’s Edition robot represents the epitome of auto-conversion. It stands as the world’s first dual-form, bipedal walking robot, pushing the boundaries of articulation and movement. With 34 high-precision intelligent servos and an array of 85 microchips, the robot exhibits seamless conversion capabilities while delivering smooth motions. Additionally, the inclusion of 6-axis IMU sensors ensures constant balance monitoring, providing unparalleled stability.

Robosen press release

Cybertronian evolution

Transformers that auto-convert into vehicles is awesome enough, but a dual-bipedal transformation is… well it’s something entirely different. Along with the actual conversion too, Grimlock will ship with “150+ original Generation 1 Transformers audio lines”, so the dialog that you hear in the video above is a taste of what you’ll get with the figure. Oh, and if that voice sounds familiar, it’s because it’s Gregg Berger performing it. He’s the actual voice of Grimlock, from the classic G1 cartoon, if you didn’t know.

Along with Berger’s vocals, fans will be able to use their own voices to control Grimlock with 42 voice commands, and a total of 4 programming modes to make their own custom action. But wait, we’re not done yet, because via Bluetooth BLE 5.0 connectivity, fans can also boss the big bot around with through their mobile devices. The mobile interactivity also includes something called a “MiniTheater” feature, which long time fans should eat up.

The app also offers an immersive “MiniTheater” feature, allowing users to enjoy captivating solo performances in SoloPlay mode or coordinate thrilling displays in MultiPlay mode. Collaborate with either Flagship or Elite Optimus Prime to defeat the Decepticons in epic battle reenactments and prepare for future adventures with other Robosen TRANSFORMERS robots.

Robosen press release

Ready to take a bite out of the Decepticons? Grimlock is set to ship this fall, via both Robosen’s own online shop and Hasbro Pulse. The Collector’s Edition has a special pre-order price of $1,499 USD, though you’ll be able to buy it at full retail as well when it’s released, for $1699.

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